Bugfest birthdays are unlike any other!

For a start we like to make sure communications are clear from the word go.

We don’t advertise our prices on our website as each party is different and with different requirements.

We bring a larger range of invertebrates from all over the world to your party – some of which you will only have seen on television.

Safety First

We never allow children to handle tarantulas or scorpions – even though our insurance policy covers it. It is simply because tarantulas possess irritating and stinging hairs that if flicked, can cause itches stings and burns – worse, if they get into the eyes as they can cause blindness. Scorpions can have very powerful claws, and painful stings. None of our scorpions are deadly, however, individual sensitivity to venom can vary and as such, children are not permitted, or adults to handle scorpions.

Getting in touch can’t be easier…

For a no-obligation quote feel free to contact us on 07976169084

or: enquiries@bug-fest.com

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