What Bugfest can do for you

School visits

Flexible sessions tailored to your needs for as long as you need.

Youth groups

We have visited many youth groups over the years, your service users always enjoy our creepy crawlies.

Community events

Bugfest has always been a popular addition to attract visitors to your event.

Birthday parties

There is no party like a Bugfest party. Whether you want to have us in your home or in a village hall we have a package that will work for you.

Pupil referral units and SEN

PRUs are of critical importance – we are sensitive to the needs of your learners.

Care Homes

We have been visiting care homes for years and thoroughly enjoy the reactions from the residents.

Exotic Minibeast School Visits

Answer this important question. Do you want a classroom practitioner with more then a decade of classroom management, delivery and experience?

In addition to that you also get a presenter who is sensitive to your school’s ethos and the well being of your learners, and a presenter with forty years of Natural History experience, and a presenter who is passionate about global conservation issues, sustainability and environmental awareness.

We can tailor our presentations to suit any learning outcome you may have and we are just as happy to share a classroom for the day, or set up a display and camp at one end of the school hall – whatever makes your planning easiest.

You should know…

We are not just limited to the primary school context.

Over the years we have worked in toddler groups, pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools and academies, and pupil referral units too. In fact, there isn’t an educational context we have not worked in yet.

Primary schools are definitely our forte, we have many happy school clients across Somerset and Dorset, even a couple in Hants.

If we are in for the day, we always like to get to you a hour before we start so that we can get all the signing ins sorted, find our area and get it set up ready and waiting for the first group of children to arrive. We can split the day into five sessions and have five groups (works well in large schools), or we can have four sessions and finish the day with Nick Wadham’s Wild and Deadly Show – kind of like an end of day whole-school assembly on overdrive that features more in-depth facts and features of the animals seen during the day, and it is also a great opportunity, for the rest of the school to share in some of the magic of the day.


Carehomes: we have worked in a number of care home contexts over the years. Get in touch to see how we can brighten the day for your residents.