Millipede mayhem

With a Bugfest school visit, you get only the best.

After ten years of visiting schools, and with hundreds of school visits under our belt, you can rest assured that your classroom topic will be delivered with uncompromising professionalism. Bugfest is the only exotic visit provider in the area that can boast an eleven years post graduation PGCE qualified teacher, with forty years of Natural History and 32 years experience in keeping exotics under his belt at the helm.

Bugfest is privileged to be repeatedly re-booked over the years by an established school customer base, some of whom have been using Bugfest ever since it started!


Dynamic Cost-effective Interaction.

Bugfest literally takes the stress away! Planning a zoo visit takes up a lot of your time, it is nearly impossible for you to enjoy the day, and your itinerary is so rushed and hurried, the children are lucky to get any quality learning out of it as well.

A Bugfest visit is a fraction of the cost, and the children can get to learn about the amazing invertebrates we bring into your classroom up close – and in many cases get to handle them – with the exception of tarantulas and scorpions; we take child protection very seriously and want to protect them from potential skin and eye irritation from kicked tarantula hairs.

With something like one thousand presentations to his name, Nick, the owner and runner of Bugfest brings an exciting and exuberant approach to learning. Children are quickly engaged by his appropriate sense of humour, and those of a nervous nature are fast to find their courage and face their own creepy crawly fears.

Your children will be left wide eyed and amazed!

  • JUST LOOK AT THOSE HAIRY LEGS - and hairy arm

A head teacher being brave in Wild Worship.

Giant spider

Your religious ethos is taken seriously.

Nick is very conscious of the importance of the spiritual development and well being of the children in our care. In the new Bugfest add on: Wild Worship, Nick incorporates Christian values, and an appreciation and awareness of God’s gift to us all of the world and all that live upon it. However, there are still elements of fun from the original Wild and Deadly Show. It serves as a wonderful whole-school celebration of the day, where the other classes who missed out due to curriculum restraints get to at least share in a part of the day’s fun.

After all – how do we know that evolution is not God’s gift of creation anyway?

The collective worship session runs for thirty to forty minutes, and can incorporate song and prayer, usually “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and a closing prayer and thanks before dispersing for home time.