Bugfest birthdays are unlike any other!

For a start we like to make sure communications are clear from the word go.

We don’t advertise our prices on our website as each party is different and with different requirements – please feel free to email for a quote.

We bring a larger range of invertebrates from all over the world to your party – some of which you will only have seen on television.

We have a range of packages available:

The standard home handling package

An intimate experience which is none-the-less entertaining, with the usual silly anecdotes and all the Bugfest creatures in the comfort of your front room. This package is good for small groups of children, especially younger ones who might be timid around large and loud speakers in our bigger packages.

Or, we can do a handling activity in your local village hall, we can do handling from 1-2 hours, 3 if you like – please note this is not an amplified party with a sound system, so please be sure to invite no more than ten children and please: no balloons – they are a dreadful distraction for the children.

If you require something with a bit more oomph and want to invite more guests we recommend…

The Wild and Deadly Show

An hour of mad-cap natural history entertainment with the animals, suitable for the five year olds and up with lots of blood guts and gore, dramatic backing music and a few jokes for the grown ups thrown in. You will need to book a hall for this package and we will need one end to set up our speakers and display material.

The Bugfest Boogie

The Bugfest Boogie is back from Feb 2018 onward! A two hour overdose of fun with a Wild and Deadly Show thrown in, plus a full on disco with lasers, smoke and the latest chart toppers as well as some classic party pieces that you just can’t do without.

The Bugfest Extravaganza

This one really is the show stopper – with our packages and products recently subject to two dimensional imitation we are always looking for ways to innovate and leave the rest behind. You can expect: The Wild and Deadly Show, an hour of dedicated handling and an hour of disco.

When it comes to parties, there really is no need to look anywhere else.