The Bugfest

Entomological Fair

Sunday 18th Feb 2018 11-4PM

The largest invert show in the South West
Thousands of insects and spiders from
all over the world!

The Bugfest


anniversary show

is the show of all shows!


traders from all over Europe

There is something for everyone at Bugfest!

Expert advice and husbandry items

Ten thousand amazing invertebrates

500 free parking spaces and on-site food and drink.

Ten Years Ago…

This is where it all started. 24th Feb 2008. Holy Trinity Church and Hall. We literally filled the place up!

With the help of a small team of family and friends the first ever Bugfest was a raging success. So much so, that after an hour of being open we decided that we needed a bigger venue!

Enter Stanchester Community School – we used them a couple of times, but due to various logistical reasons decided to move back to Yeovil, where we made use of Bucklers Mead Sports Centre from 2010 to 2012.

2013 saw our first show in the old Westlands site – it was the best choice Nick had ever made! Over one thousand people flocked to the show and Nick knew this was the place to keep it.

2015 saw the biggest ever show attendance of two thousand five hundred and fifty six people!

Then sadly the venue closed down and we moved temporarily to the Gryphon Sports Centre in Sherborne. Gryphon was a lovely venue with endless parking!

With Westlands now revamped and renamed Westlands Entertainment Venue, it made sense to spend our tenth anniversary back at our original home in Yeovil – where we intend to stay by the way!

A Little Piece of History…

Even for a first show we had a great range of well respected and established traders.

The Spider Shop – yes, Lee and his team have supported Bugfest since it began!

Tarantula Barn

The Phasmid Study Group

Arthur Sackett

Curtis Lakin, again, a supporter since before it began!

But What to Expect From This Year?

A Whole Lot More!!!

This year we have even more invert traders than ever before signed up already!

Peter Holmes – HITS – inverts and enclosures
Clayton Patilla – inverts
The Spider Shop – inverts
Jason Kirby – inverts
Antz for All – ants and 3d printed formicaria
Invert obsessions – inverts
Garantula – inverts
Mark King – inverts
Steven Eddy – inverts
Curtis Lakin – inverts
Repxotics – decor and inverts
Glass Ocean – jelly fish
Blake Marvin – tarantulas and inverts
Craig Tipton – inverts
Cambridge Nutrition – dry good feeder foods
Patricia Yates – mantids
Tropical factory-mantids, spiders, vivariums
Ant Kit – ants and formicaria
Tel Hicks – dry goods, art, books, clothing
Robert Zyla – tarantulas and inverts
Mark T Rowe: Art Craft Gallery
Exotic pets – inverts
Metmorphosis – tarantulas, scorps, beetles – inverts
MK Exotics – plants, bio, decor and inverts
Tony Webb – Bonita Mariposa – beautiful art pieces, jewellery, clothing: all inspired by inverts.
Graham Peak – Snails and feeder roaches

Cherry Blossom Wellness – beauty and holistic products and party information

Conservation organisations

Secret World Wildlife Rescue – owls and handling
Purbeck Ferrets – skunks, ferrets, and handling
Somerset Wildlife Trust

Tickets available in advance from the Westlands website, or you can pay on the door on the day.