My name is Nick.

Trading as Bugfest I pride myself on providing leading exotic curriculum enrichment. Bugfest started in 2008 (at the time Bugfest SW) and originally was intended to be an annual entomological fair. However, it just grew and grew. Just weeks after the first show in 2008, at Holy Trinity Church, Yeovil, I was being asked out to visit schools and to provide my now unrivalled party services. By 2010 I had dropped the SW suffix as I felt it restricted the range of what I wanted to do and became just Bugfest.  The show moved to a new location at Bucklers Mead Sports Centre, and by 2013, it had outgrown even that and Bugfest took residence at Westlands Leisure Centre (now Westlands Entertainment Venue).

I am an eleven year post – PGCE qualified, on-line live updating DBS checked and fully insured presenter. No one in the areas I cover have these credentials!

Humble Beginnings

How things have changed. This is my first ever party – Lots of changes since then!

A Bugfest party is still incredible value for money! My range of animals has grown significantly since then, and even though I have performed (I don’t know how many over the years, several hundreds, maybe nearly a thousand) I still look forwards to each booking and treat it as though it is my very first one.

As far as most of the guests at your party are concerned, this could be the first time they have seen my animals, though, in recent years, most people have seen me.

Check the party page for more information.

Parties Now

There is a definite difference in the way the parties are held.

Some people choose to hold their Bugfest party in their own front room, or you can even host your party in a village hall.

Near enough is not good enough. Parties are where life-long happy memories are made.

School Visits

Being a qualified teacher, with forty years of experience in natural history is a definite advantage, as is being a natural show off and know it all. I have held small classes, large classes, rotating activity days, enrichment days, drama and presenting days, and whole-school assemblies.

Teaching is a privilege that should not be taken lightly, and the students in our care deserve nothing but the best from us.