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Make a date for your diaries! The February Bugfest is not far away.


Join us for our tenth anniversary show.

Yes, Ten years have passed, and how the show has grown. This year’s line-up is already looking set to be an absolute fire storm! More bugs and inverts than EVER before!

Great traders already lined up on over 100 tables for the tenth anniversary Bugfest in Feb:

This year we have even more invert traders signed up already

Peter Holmes – HITS – inverts and enclosures
Clayton Patilla – inverts
The Spider Shop – inverts
Jason Kirby – inverts
Antz for All – ants and 3d printed formicaria
Invert obsessions – inverts
Garantula – inverts
Mark King – inverts
Steven Eddy – inverts
Curtis Lakin – inverts
Repxotics – decor and inverts
Glass Ocean – jelly fish
Blake Marvin – tarantulas and inverts
Craig Tipton – inverts
Cambridge Nutrition – dry good feeder foods
Patricia Yates – mantids
Tropical factory-mantids, spiders, vivariums
Ant Kit – ants and formicaria
Tel Hicks – dry goods, art, books, clothing
Robert Zyla – tarantulas and inverts
Mark T Rowe: Art Craft Gallery
Exotic pets – inverts
Metmorphosis – tarantulas, scorps, beetles – inverts
MK Exotics – plants, bio, decor and inverts
Tony Webb – Bonita Mariposa – beautiful art pieces, jewellery, clothing: all inspired by inverts.
Graham Peak – Snails and feeder roaches

Cherry Blossom Wellness – holistic beauty and nails

Conservation organisations

Secret World Wildlife Rescue – owls and handling
Purbeck Ferrets – skunks, ferrets, and handling
Somerset Wildlife Trust

Talks and presentations (subject to change)

Yes we are looking for guest speakers to fill half hour slots.
11.30 Secret World Wildlife Rescue
12.00 The Wild and Deadly Show
13.30 Steve Eddy: Exmoor Zoo
14.00 TBA
14.30 The Wild and Deadly Show

Gonna be more inverts than you can poke a stick at and much more going on than ever before.

Tickets available from Westlands, or you can pay on the door on the day.